Notable vinyl releases out this Friday - 24 November (2023)


  • Epic Records
  • Hip-Hop
Busta Rhymes returns with his eleventh studio release executive produced by Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Swizz, along with Busta himself. The new album contains lead off singles "Beach Ball" featuring BIA, "Luxury Lifestyle" featuring Coi Leray, and "OK" featuring Young Thung along with a host of other features.
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Guided by Voices Nowhere To Go But Up

  • Gbv Inc
  • Rock, Indie
Nowhere To Go But Up is Guided by Voices' third album of 2023 (and thirty-ninth overall) and is a sprawling, wild adventure. With virtually no choruses and just two repeated lyrics in forty minutes, GBV is audacious and unafraid. One of the most fully realized works that Guided by Voices has created, Nowhere To Go But Up showcases an expert rock band at the top of their game. The band is on a roll and unstoppable. Following their monumental 40th Anniversary Celebration in Dayton, Ohio, GBV begins their fifth decade with a bang!
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Tina Turner Queen Of Rock 'n' Roll

  • Rhino / Parlophone
Celebrating Tina Turner's iconic solo career, and 50 years since her debut solo album, Queen of Rock 'n' Roll compilesan incredible anthology of Tina's legendary solo career through her singles. From an incredible cover of Whole Lotta Loveon her album Acid Queen in 1975, all the way up to the Kygo remix of What's Love Got to Do With It in 2020 and including duets with other legendary performers like David Bowie, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart, this collection will bring together Tina's complete singles anthology for the first time ever, to celebrate the legacy of the undeniable and inimitable Queen of Rock 'n' Roll! The brand-new collection will also feature a new version of the classic Something Beautiful Remains, updated to simply Something Beautiful and reworked by legendary producer Terry Britten; an emotive and fitting, final tribute tothe power of Tina's legacy.
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Gnaw Their Tongues The Cessation Of Suffering

  • Consouling Sounds
  • Metal, Drone, Experimental
'The Cessation of Suffering' follows a break of three years, and suitably manifests as Gnaw Their Tongues' bleakest album ever. Sounds bend, break, and then break further from nearly every direction; genres are chopped and screwed and then spit out from a black-hole vacuum that's more musique concrete rather than "music." More specifically, LP #15 strips away anything remotely "enjoyable" or indeed "musical to be left with a hollow shell of sensation, concentrating solely on horrible sounds and frequencies which mirror the horrible state of the world and inner turmoil. There's truly only one Gnaw Their Tongues, and 'The Cessation of Suffering' punctuates the fact like an enormous door slamming in the depths of Hell.
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Cleo Sol Heaven

  • Forever Living Origi
Part of the enigmatic London collective SAULT, Heaven is the singer-songwriter's third album is a balm of cool, dreamy reflections on faith, love and courage. The soul singer Cleo Sol is a big part of Sault. But compared with them, the enigmatic vocalist is - almost - an open book. We know what she looks like. We know she was born in London as Cleopatra Zvezdana Nikolic; her parents (Jamaican and Serbian-Spanish) are thought to have met in a jazz band. London-born singer performed sold-out shows at the Royal Albert Hall; for a singer without hits to her name, this was a monumental feat. Cleo's affirming odes have chimed with an audience who've grown with her, bearing witness to a repertoire of soul-seasoned fusion - distinctly homegrown but with the kind of transatlantic appeal that made Sade a crossover success. New album 'Heaven' is Cleo Sol's third in under four years, and like previous LPs - 'Rose In The Dark' and 'Mother' - it dramatises the vicissitudes that comes with enduring love, fidelity, motherhood and the orbit of platonic relationships. 'Heaven' develops rather than radically departs from the muted palette of it's predecessors, this time through the lens of an earned maturity. These are short stories with a heightened sense of spiritual self-work coursing through them. On the bass groove rhapsody 'Self', Cleo delivers prophetic notes, calling on a higher power in a moment of inner discord; the title track with it's gospel phrasing is a reminder to oneself, and to other ground down beings, that salvation is found within - that "loving yourself is free"
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The Wombats Glitterbug

  • Music On Vinyl
Limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on crystal clear 180-gram audiophile vinyl. Glitterbug is the third major studio album by British rock band The Wombats. The first single from the album was "Your Body Is A Weapon", followed by "Greek Tragedy", "Give Me A Try", "Be Your Shadow" and "Emoticons".
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Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Snoop Dogg's multi- platinum Doggystyle, heralded as one of the most important albums of all time, Death Row Records will be bringing this back to retail with the original 1993 track listing on vinyl. This new 30th Anniversary edition will include the track "Gz Up, Hoes Down" which has not been on the album since it's pressing in 1993. For new and old fans alike, this is the definitive version of the classic album that launched Snoop's solo career and helped define the sound of Los Angeles in the process.
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Kurt Rosenwinkel & Geri Allen A Lovesome Thing

  • Motema Music
  • Jazz, Indie
This one-and-only recorded collaboration between jazz greats Geri Allen and Kurt Rosenwinkel took place live at the famed Philharmonie de Paris in 2012—the two play as if with one mind. Geri often spoke of her desire to do a studio recording to document the ‘flow and freedom” she experienced playing with Kurt that night in Paris. Unfortunately, we lost her before that date never materialized, and fortunately, that concert was recorded. The acoustics in this hall are magnificent, This album, produced by Kurt Rosenwinkel and Motéma's Jana Herzen is dedicated to Geri's memory and is truly a 'lovesome thing' for fans of Geri, of Kurt, and of piano and guitar jazz.
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