Za! & Perrate Jolifanto

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March 22, 2024
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Jolifanto' takes it's name from the first verse of 'Karawane', a seminal Dadaist phonetic poem by Hugo Ball. When Ball first recited it in 1916 at the Cabaret Voltaire, both the author and the audience embraced a trance that left Ball exhausted, requiring assistance off the stage as the audience claimed the spotlight.Over a century later, by a series of fortuitous events, 'Jolifanto' is also the title of an album featuring two powerful musical entities. Artists stemming from diverse backgrounds converge with a shared experimental spirit, curiosity and passion for exploration in their music.'Jolifanto' is an unexpected explosion propelled by (poly)rhythm, expanding into seemingly distant territories under the influence of flamenco. The Dadaist spirit permeates the work, where a constant tension between the improvised and the meticulously planned is evident. ZA! And Perrate together form an organism traveling from the roots to the rave, with nothing sounding out of place because the place is yet to be defined.Perrate witnessed ZA!'s concert in a festival he attended as part of the audience. The Catalans surprised him with a proposal that he found radical and unclassifiable. Later, after being invited to prepare a collaboration for the 'Musica y Museos' season in Seville, Perrate decided to move off the beaten path, approaching ZA!, who quickly embraced the proposal. Exchanges of ideas and audio tracks ensued in a short time and they quickly found out that they were in the same wavelength. A week before the concert, they met in the same physical space for the first time, dedicating a couple of days to composition and preparing the gig at La Mina Studios in Seville. The concert took place, hailed as 'the best concert most attendees had experienced in a long time', as reported by the Diario de Sevilla. That energy needed to be captured, and so it was, at the Happy Place studio in Seville, where the album was recorded between March 6th and 9th, 2023.The Catalan duo ZA!, 'the duo that mash up terrace-chant mayhem with... everything else' (The Wire #384), has operated independently and self-managed since their inception in 2004. They overlap genres and amalgamate sounds that move, with intensity, between wild jazz, post-rock and avant-garde electronics, among other influences. In their acclaimed latest work, they have revived the Phoenician language, exploring Mediterranean sounds alongside MegaCobla and Tarta Relena.Perrate, active since the late 90's, explores the outer edges of flamenco without forsaking it's profound essence rooted in lineage and tradition, evident in every note of his voice. His latest work, 'Tres golpes' (Lovemonk/El Volcan, 2022), named flamenco album of the year by Babelia/El Pais, and one of the albums of the year for BBC3's Late Junction, reflects an innate curiosity, possibly the seed of all the fortuitous events leading to this album.The encounter between Perrate and ZA! #is the result of serendipitous events interwoven with the narrative of artists dedicated to experimentation and radicalism in all it's forms.Tracklisting:A1. Pregones (6:09)A2. Seguirilla & MIDI (8:49)A3. Steve Kahn (4:42)A4. Jolifanto (5:46)B1. Tomaseando (6:42)B2. Tarareos (6:27)B3. Posible Solea (7:39)B4. La Milonga (2:25)

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