Young Francis Hi-Fi The Young Generation

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Young Francis Hi Fi play Bubblegum Punk - Two minute songs about girls, getting high and hanging out. Young Francis Hi Fi is the new generation, the next generation, the young generation….and we’ve got something to say. Young Francis Hi Fi is from Brighton, England. "We live by the beach and we love the sunshine, bubblegum and falling in love. We also love punk and denim and getting fucked up. We grew up wanting to be in a gang, like all our favourite bands. We dress in the Hi Fi uniform, but we’re all different. Young Francis is the leader of the pack, Jimi is the sun who shines on us all, Danny Joe has a heart of gold and Bobby binds us together. We have a studio near the beach called The Bubblegum Basement, where we write and hang out and daydream, and where we make the razor sharp sound of the Hi Fi. We signed with Dirty Water Records in the dressing room right after a show. We made our record “The Young Generation” at Toe Rag Studios in London, with Liam Watson (White Stripes and more). Our record is 13 songs in 27 minutes. It’s music for dancing and for romancing, with 4 on the floor and a singalong sound. Almost every song is a true story, but Julia isn’t really called Julia. We love 60’s Bubblegum and 70’s Punk. We love Garage Rock and Power Pop. The Hi Fi sound mixes raw speed and power with hand claps and soaring solos. Go ahead - DANCE. SHOUT. MAKE OUT!" Genre: Alternative / Pop-Punk

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