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White Savage - Split

White Savage


Release date: December 07, 2018
The first White Savage show was at the Empty Bottle on NYE 2006 opening for Girl Talk on a night where the saxophone player had to bounce a heckler. Their first show in Austin they were blasting on so many cylinders they blew the power. The first Football show was in Austin at SXSW 2012. At a show on the patio at Beerland, in an attempt to one up the crowd surfing mania of the OBN IIIs playing right before them, Jimmy Hollywood decided that the best way to day time debut the band would be to scale the ATM machine and climb up to the roof of the legendary punk bar. White Savage was a band with rules - all six of the members are over 6 feet tall - and their shows were maniacally fun sweaty debauchery. They surfed on guitars, swung from ceiling fans, burnt themselves on lights, walked out the door while playing, most of the time in masks, occasionally donned a cape or two. In a band full of formidable Chicago musicians - Jimmy from the Baseball Furies and Tyrades, Jered from the Ponys, Greg from Chin Up Chin Up, Colin from SYZ, Ryan from the Returnables - in White Savage they, along with previously mentioned sax/muscle Bob, forged into a brotherhood of musical madness that exploded all over you. In Football, Jim bellowed into his custom mic, Jered was all limbs on the drums and buddies Srini from France Has the Bomb and Mike Lust from Tight Phantomz. Football practiced and recorded at Lust's Phantom Manor and did a string of shows with Thee Oh Sees in Austin and joined them on the Logan Square Monument in Chicago. If you've seen the trailer for the Ellen Burstyn / Nick Offerman 2017 flick House of Tomorrow you know that the ultimate intro to punk for the protagonist is Football's Set Em Up, Set Em On Fire. I'm fairly certain that's not even the title, but like pretty much everything concerning Football's run, the specifics matter less than the overwhelming power of the tunes. Jim Hollywood and Jered Gummere and friends x 2. Get into it.
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07 December 2018 / More records