Tribes Rabbit Head - Deluxe

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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It was during lockdown that Tribes realised they didn't just want to look back, that there could be a future in this as well as a celebration of the past. Dan White relocated from London to a cottage round the corner from Lloyd in Dorset and the two got to work on what would become Tribes' third album, Rabbit Head.On Rabbit Head Tribes sound more assured than they ever have, a band totally in tune with themselves. It opens with the crunching rocker Hard Pill, placed up top because it was the song that kickstarted everything. "It was the first song I'd written since the band split up," recounts White. "It feels like the end and the start of the band at the same time," says Lloyd. "It's about the rebuilding of relationships."It's a record that captures both how Tribes got here and where they're heading next. They might have taken the long way round but Rabbit Head feels like the album Tribes were always destined to make. They are a band revitalised. Johnny Lloyd, Dan White, Jim Cratchley and Miguel Demelo have learned that you can give yourself a second chance. Tribes are back in business.

  • 1. Hard Pill
  • 2. It's All Borrowed
  • 3. Catwalk
  • 4. Dad I'm Not a Tough Guy
  • 5. Earthling
  • 6. 10 Ways to Improve Your New Life!
  • 7. Medicine
  • 8. Grandad's on the Beer
  • 9. Celebrate
  • 10. -Ism
  • 11. Boy
  • 12. Dressing Gown
  • 13. Fade to Credits
  • 14. Message from the Sponsor
  • 15. Gravy Train
  • 16. on
  • 17. Off the Wagon

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