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Toothgrinder - I Am


I Am

Release date: October 11, 2019
Label: Spinefarm
Challenging convention, existing independent of genre expectations, and delivering a hypnotic, haunting, and hard-hitting alchemy of rock, alternative, and metal, Toothgrinderset a precedent as outliers. In order to elevate their craft, they recorded with producer Matt Squire [Ariana Grande, Panic! At the Disco, Underoath] and over five weeks, the band zeroed in on eleven tracks and tightened their sound like never before.
  • 1. The Silence Of A Sleeping WASP
  • 2. ohmymy
  • 3. My Favorite Hurt
  • 4. No Tribe
  • 5. no surrender in The House Of Leaves
  • 6. shiVer
  • 7. The New Punk Rock
  • 8. too soft for the scene, TOO MEAN FOR THE GREEN [Explicit]
  • 9. Can Ãœ Live Today?
  • 10. The Fire Of June
  • 11. I AM
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11 October 2019 / More records