Sixfingerz Silent Storm

Release date:
July 10, 2020
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Antwerpian beat-wrangler Sixfingerz returns to Cold Busted for Silent Storm, his latest crucial long-player. Sixfingerz has established himself through six albums (also for the likes of Wegrowwax and Pragmatic Theory), with his last full length adapted into a theater performance. Sixfingerz also has the distinction of winning the legendary Stones Throw Beat Battle series around 20 times in a three year period. It goes without saying - his beats are strong.  Silent Storm continues Sixfingerz's fascination with atmospheric textures and warm, vintage sounds. His influences are global, drawing upon instruments and styles from all over the world. Sixfingerz aptly describes his tracks as "an adventure into somewhere" - he's merging disparate influences to create new territories. This is heard on the album's "Breeze," uniting potent hip hop beats with traditional Asian flavors to a dreamy effect. There's also the gentle, guitar-strummed "Sol" which helps to bring out the sun in the darkest night. "Derecho" is a cinematic piece that's part spaghetti western, part folk song, and part bass-beat concoction. And there's "Heart Of The City," which revs things up with a big rhythm but keeps the musical wonder intact.   Sixfingerz continues to stretch boundaries and Silent Storm is a bold and enjoyable statement. Take this adventure into somewhere exotic and groovy.

  • 1. Footprints
  • 2. Breeze
  • 3. Sol
  • 4. For The Rain
  • 5. Derecho
  • 6. Nimbus
  • 7. Oceanbound
  • 8. Heart Of The City
  • 9. Freeway

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