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Post Animal -Forward Motion Godyssey (Black Vinyl W/ Download Card)

Post Animal

Forward Motion Godyssey (Black Vinyl W/ Download Card)

Release date: February 14, 2020
The sophomore full-length from Post Animal, Forward Motion Godyssey unfolds with a frenetic momentum, mercurial and unhinged and gloriously volatile. In a bold leap forward both artistically and sonically, the Chicago-based alt-prog band sets their existential questioning to a wildly kinetic sound, mining inspiration from genres as divergent as electronic and psych-rock and—at one particularly sublime point—achieving both stoner-metal brutishness and dreamy R&B elegance in the very same instant. At turns rhapsodic and unsettling, meditative and chaotic, the result is anything but subtle: a body of work that beckons deep involvement from the listener, a richly layered experience primed to leave its audience indelibly transported.
  • 1.Your Life Away
  • 2.Post Animal
  • 3.Schedule
  • 4.Fitness
  • 5.In a Paradise
  • 6.The Whole
  • 7.How Do You Feel
  • 8.Safe or Not
  • 9.Private Shield
  • 10.Damaged Goods
  • 11.Sifting
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14 February 2020 / More records