Mourning (A) Blkstar Garner Poems

Release date:
January 18, 2019
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Vinyl LP pressing. Creating songs of both eulogy and revolution, the expansion of 21st century black consciousness is felt in waves through Ohio's Mourning [A] BLKstar. A force that has deep conviction, purpose, and weight, songs are voiced through the a lens of chopped up drum grooves, stark melodies, washed-out synth tones, and historic sample pulls. On The Garner Poems, the group traffics their signature gritty strain of DIY Afrofuturist soul music, balancing hip-hop production techniques with lofi experimentation to create a sonic suite that eulogizes victims of police brutality, including Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, as well as bringing forth a conversation that aligns with the political and emotional state of this world. The Garner Poems are modern day spirituals of reverence and despair that serve as both a force of light and a schematic for hope, survival, and independence.

  • 1. Anti Anthem
  • 2. Emancipation
  • 3. Destiny Skies
  • 4. Harlem River Drive
  • 5. Bullet
  • 6. Garner Poem
  • 7. 2020
  • 8. Sense of An Ending
  • 9. The Box
  • 10. Three Stars Collide

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