Miirrors Motion And Picture

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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What began as a chance encounter on an airplane between Brian McSweeney and Shawn Rios 22 years ago grew into a decades long friendship which ignited the inevitable musical partnership that formed Chicago's MIIRRORS. They reverse-engineered the usual process of becoming a band by prioritizing album creation over live performance while at their own pace, morphing the duo into a cohesive quintet of seasoned multi-instrumentalists along the way- veterans Dmitri Rakhuba, Andre Miller, and Patrick Riley completed the lineup and they evolved the collective sound quickly, momentarily trading the stage for the tracking room. While recording, the group began self-releasing singles just two months before the pandemic took its toll on the music community, but not before the public took notice with their imagined completed version of Jeff Buckley's rare 1997 four-track demo Gunshot Glitter, with Steven Edelstone of Paste Magazine professing, No one has ever been able to recapture Buckley's lightning-in-a-bottle essence since he passed in 1997. MIIRRORS comes the closest. Stagnancy has not been an option, yet the band has maintained a low profile. Fast forward to a post-pandemic scene starving for live music, the group finally set sail with a series of packed hometown headline performances, immediately establishing a word of mouth reputation as a band to see. Recorded in Studio B at Electrical Audio along with sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville, their upcoming debut LP Motion And Picture will be released by Pravda Records in Spring 2023, is a cinematic soundscape of honest lyrical introspection and reactive abrasion, a personal time-span of disillusionment, resolve and return of hope. Waves of cascading textures blur the sonic lines between synthesizers and guitars a la My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive as Rios's atypical rhythms anchor the songs while McSweeney's voice ascends beyond Miller's/ Riley's/ Rakhuba's expanding colors.

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