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May 12, 2023
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-Bear Family Records® presents a 10 vinyl LP with the greatest recordings by one of the most exciting country and rockabilly artists ever: Marvin Rainwater. -The career of this extraordinary musician, who seemingly effortlessly combined country and rockabilly elements to create his very own style, began in 1955. -In the wake of the European rockabilly revival beginning in the late 1970s, Marvin Rainwater enjoyed a much-acclaimed comeback on festival stages worldwide. -This album gives us his very best recordings, and the bonus CD holds more treasures for us, classics alongside rather lesser-known numbers. -Enthralling liner notes by Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber and a deliberately sparse technical mastering treatment of these historic recordings round off the concept - expect first-class songwriting, a first-class performance and ... something completely different. Marvin Rainwater was one of the most exciting performers in country music and a revered hero of the European rockabilly revival of the late 70s and early 80s. Restless covered Mr. Blues, and The Blue Cats recorded Hot and Cold; Whole Lotta Woman was a regular on rockabilly radio shows and at record hops. Marvin Rainwater was his own man, with his own voice, and highly versatile. His incredible vocal range offered a bottom-end baritone for sincere songs, a snarling menace in a rockabilly arrangement, or hit the high-registers to serve as an ersatz-Hank and out-yodel the best of them. Rainwater delivered his songs with heart and soul. This compilation offers some hot rockabilly, hillbilly bop, and Rainwater's very own brand of mid-tempo story songs that bridge the gap between pop, country, and rock and roll. Among Rainwater musts, like I Dig You Baby, Hot and Cold, and Mr. Blues, the 10 comes up with lesser compiled material like the mountain music inspired Hard Luck Blues or the big-city-main-stream-r&b-ballroom smash Dance Me Daddy, iced with typical Rainwater pop-coating.

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