Release date:
December 29, 2023
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Triple colored vinyl LP pressing. The purpose of this triple LP is to get all the material that's been created for MGs back into the public. Of the 15 albums, 13 of them are out of print and have been for years. But this isn't your standard reissue, this is comprehensive. I went back to all the tapes, hard drives, etc., and pulled out every session. Since MGs releases are usually a time crunch I've had to sacrifice a lot of ideas/collaborations over the years because of time. So literally every single song in the early catalogue has been remixed (and remastered). Why is this important? Because typically I'd be running out of time and would end up mixing most of the material myself. I am NOT a mixing engineer so the material has never sounded like I wanted it to. But now it does! You'll also hear vocals on songs that were instrumentals, full songs instead of snippets (some musical cues became snippets because of the collage concept and/or narration over them), drums on songs that previously only had drum machines etc. It is a comprehensive look at 15 years of my life.

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