Kramer & Friends Rings Of Saturn

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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In 2022, the pandemic seemed to be receding to the point where artists could work together again, literally side by side. So, as a kind of 'follow-up' to my Joyful Noise 2020 Artist-in-Residence box set, I revisited the notion of a limited-edition vinyl box celebrating the joys of collaboration. i thought about it for a good long while, and eventually, it felt good. I then put the idea under a microscope and found that it felt even better when I minimized the project to six 33rpm EP's on 7" vinyl. The borderless landscapes of audio art, tempered by the imaginations of the artists I chose to work with, then cast against the myriad infinities of mysteries betwixt those ageless, spinning rings... those rings that seem to sing, "... listen to us... " Rings of Saturn won't change the world, but the words & music dervishing off these grooves accurately expresses the Love poured into the foundations beneath these Nocturnes (w/ Britta Phillips), Psalms (w/ David Grubbs), Preludes (w/ Eerie Wanda), Elegies (w/ Jad Fair & Danielson), Laments (w/ Paul Leary), and Hymns (w/ Rob Crow). Working with others is my lifeblood. I am nothing without them.

  • 1. LP 1: Dream #3
  • 2. Sirens
  • 3. Nocturne LP2: Lendrick Muir Bible Study Weekend
  • 4. Congress of Poodles LP3: Antebellum
  • 5. Before the Flood LP4: Because You're You
  • 6. Story Time
  • 7. Don't Give Up
  • 8. In a Lonely Place LP5: My Love
  • 9. My Therapy LP6: Kerosene
  • 10. Stares
  • 11. Sequins
  • 12. Day in, Day Out

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