Josh Kimbrough Slither, Soar & Disappear

Release date:
March 25, 2022
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Inspired in equal parts by fatherhood, nature and quietude, ‘Slither, Soar and Disappear’ was born on Josh Kimbrough’s back porch in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as his young son rested, where the bucolic intimacy of the natural world found its way into his nylon and steel string guitar playing, resulting in this cycle of beautiful compositions. Accompanied by a roster of talented musicians, Josh’s guitar work is accompanied and complimented by banjo, flute, strings, mandolin, double bass and drums, the results bringing to mind a host of artists from Jansch, Drake and Fahey, to the Penguin Café Orchestra and Mike Hurley. “Fatherhood,” Josh reflects, “I was finding, forces one to abandon parts of the self--a heavy proposition in a society that emphasizes individualism. Cultural critic, farmer, and novelist, Wendell Berry in his book, A Native Hill, muses: ’In order to know the hill, it is necessary to slow the mind down to the hill’s pace.’ This principle applied to me at the time as I was adapting to a new speed of life and striving to be present as a father. On the deck, as my mind slowed down to take in the chirps and wind gusts, these songs began to blossom. ”A truly beautiful album emphasising the splendour of the outside world and the gentle pace of life many of us have found ourselves in over the last year and a half. Originally released digitally on Tompkins Square, Worried Songs gives these songs the vinyl treatment.

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