Release date:
December 1, 2023
Pre-order vinyl:

MIRAGES is the brainchild of JB Dunckel (AIR) and Jonathan Fitoussi. The musicians met through the impetus of artist Xavier Veilhan. The latter built a studio opened to musicians for the Venice biennale, which spawned several projects, including this one. Initiated in Venice, Mirages was finalized in JB's studio in Paris, using both musician's machines. Synthesizers amassed through the years, which on this album, conceived with precision and care over the course of one year, reveal their essence - and more importantly, their soul, going from very cinematographic parts to very direct others. Between start and finish, a singular floating and inventive pop music unfolds. An upgraded form of instrumental electronic music, that takes the listener very far, and very high, perfectly mixing both musicians world, like fruitful pictures arisen from a desert that forgot to be arid.

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