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Hexed - Pagans Rising


Pagans Rising

Release date: September 30, 2022
Hexed - The Swedish Symphonic Progressive Metal band is back with their second album "Pagans Rising". Along with the powerful lead vocals of Tina Gunnarsson, this theme album definitely has great songwriting mixed with strong choruses and male growl. It´s a perfect blend of spellbinding guitar melodies, chugging riffs, dark symphonic orchestrations and progressive elements. It has been written with inspiration and history of Sweden's witch-hunting hysteria in the late 17th century. Behind the unique sound of this masterpiece is the talented mixing/mastering engineer Ronnie Björnström (Sorcerer, Aeon etc.) This release is a much heavier and darker version of Hexed.
  • 1. Pagans Rising
  • 2. Resurrection
  • 3. Stigma Diaboli
  • 4. Repentance
  • 5. Incantation
  • 6. Prophecy
  • 7. Symphony of Tragedy
  • 8. Blasphemy
  • 9. Dark Storm
  • 10. Moorfield
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