Harsh Symmetry Imitation

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Imitation or Archetype? Mimicry or Mandela Effect? Harsh Symmetry, the darkwave project of musician Julian Sharwarko, is gearing up to launch its sophomore album titled Imitation. Recently relocated from Sacramento to Los Angeles, Sharwarko has crafted an album that seamlessly blends the nostalgic elements of influential bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and New Order, with the modern sounds of contemporary acts such as Twin Tribes and Boy Harsher. The forthcoming nine-song LP is set to be released via Fabrika Records, a label renowned for its roster of influential darkwave and post-punk artists. The album title Imitation is reflective of Julian Sharwarko's introspective exploration of his own musical identity amidst constant comparisons to these influences. It poses a question about the nature of his work - is Harsh Symmetry an imitation of the past, or an archetype for the future, creating something so familiar yet so new that it feels as if it existed long before its manifestation? Despite these existential questions, Imitation is a modern album steeped in nostalgia, entirely recorded and performed by Sharwarko himself. The album features the phenomenal lead single, Glass Tears, a song that guides listeners through an icy, dystopian realm. Another standout track, Make Up Artist, presents a fascinating equilibrium, propelling forward with a lively tempo while maintaining a reflective atmosphere. The album also features a cover of Madonna's Open Your Heart, reinterpreted through a hauntingly mysterious lens. Scalpel stands out with its vibrant metallic bassline and psychedelic aura, while Crystal Smile transitions into a dreamy vocal performance atop a distinctly 80s synth pad. The album closes with its formidable title track, Imitation, a discordant piece that vibrates with an eclectic mix of city-pop elegance and a motorik beat inspired by krautrock.Harsh Symmetry's second studio album, Imitation, is set to be released on end of September.

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