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December 8, 2023
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Saustex Records presents the new Hamell on Trial album 'Bring The Kids' (originally title: 'Bring The Kids, Every Song Could End In Bloodshed'). Having spent two years "on the stove" the record is everything you've come to expect from Hamell and more-biting, hard-edged and heartfelt yet comedic satire and social commentary. But, it's also a departure on the musical level. Known widely as an anti-folk warrior, Hamell's manic acoustic guitar splay is replaced here by a denser, crafted sound forged by Hamell and producer Matt LaBozza. It prominently features several guest performances by English folk singer/songwriter Ruth Theodore and Christine Ohlman of the SNL band. With an added reflective lyrical edge, 'Bring The Kids' even includes the use of strings on a couple of numbers and will surprise longtime fans while welcoming newcomers with a genre we've dubbed "aAA" (anarchist Adult Alternative). This LP is pressed on opaque neon orange 140 gram vinyl and is limited to 500 copies.

  • 1. Hail My Rage
  • 2. Tell You Why
  • 3. Pray
  • 4. Drunk Dial Me
  • 5. Robbery
  • 6. Jelly
  • 7. the Way She Says
  • 8. to Get Thru
  • 9. NKGG
  • 10. Um, Actually No
  • 11. Pepper Spray
  • 12. Hippy Shake
  • 13. Tucker Carlson
  • 14. Trail Mix
  • 15. Johnny Rydell
  • 16. Jelly (Single Edit)

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