Release date:
April 5, 2024
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A limited edition, full-length split album celebrating a 2024 co-tour of Japan by underground cracked-psych purveyors Fuckwolf from San Francisco and legendary prog-benders Green Milk from the Planet Orange from Tokyo.Green Milk stretch a live performance of one of their extended signature jaw-droppers "Concrete City Breakdown" relentlessly across an entire side of Let's Split while Fuckwolf delve into a six-part abstract song cycle, ranging from stoned incense burners to blown out fuzz rippers, echoes of Faust Tapes, Les Rallizes and '70s midwest outsider proto-punk abound.Green Milk from the Planet Orange formed in Tokyo in 2001 and continue to tour, record and perform some of neo-psychedelia's most ambitious and masterfully performed rock music.Fuckwolf formed in San Francisco in 2002 and most recently released the critically lauded underground scuzzy art-rock gem of 2022 Goodbye, Asshole on Silver Current Records.

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