Glasghote - Rite Of The Siren


Rite Of The Siren

Release date: November 09, 2018
Glasghote, hailing from Portland, Oregon are a three piece doom band. Formed in 2017 by drummer Jordan Huston, guitarist/vocalist Jake Shaffer, and bassist Chad Johnson, Glasghote strive to deliver bone crushing, downtuned music to the masses. Pulling influences from Weedeater, Sleep, Conan, and Yob. Glasghote hit the Portland scene hard, regularly playing shows and constantly writing new material.

  • 1. Congregation of the Wolf
  • 2. Conquest
  • 3. Carrier
  • 4. Skin Dweller
  • 5. Tophets Tax
  • 6. Bloodless Void
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09 November 2018 / More records

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