Damned Punk Oddities & Rare Tracks 1977-1982 (Green/Black Splatter)

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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A very special compilation of rare singles, demos and live performances from oddball punk legends, The Damned! Includes incredible versions of Damned classics "Love Song," "Stranger On The Town," "i Just Can't Be Happy Today" and more classic material from the chaos years every fan will enjoy! The artistic impact of The Damned rivals that of The Clash and The Sex Pistols but, unlike many of their peers, The Damned continues to release new material to immense critical acclaim

  • 1. Love Song (Demo)
  • 2. I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Demo)
  • 3. Thanks for the Night
  • 4. Nasty
  • 5. Do the Blitz
  • 6. You Know (Live 1977)
  • 7. Idiot Box (Live 1977)
  • 8. Stranger on the Town (Live 1982)
  • 9. Happy Talk (Live 1982)
  • 10. Curtain Call (Live 1982)
  • 11. No Fun (Live 1979)
  • 12. Wheels on Fire

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