Bad Luck. Take What You Need

Release date:
July 12, 2024
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New York’s very own Bad Luck. have gathered their favorite tracks together from all 4 EP’s to create a stellar collection of songs that span their entire career. “Take What You Need” is exactly what any fan needs as a gateway drug to Bad Luck. and simultaneously serves as a fantastic retrospective of how the band as progressed throughout their existence.

  • 1. Love Song
  • 2. Noise in Your Head
  • 3. Last Bus (Change)
  • 4. Impressive Depressive
  • 5. Wish We Still Talked
  • 6. Fake Lemonade
  • 7. Gwendolyn
  • 8. Turn It Off
  • 9. Safe To Say
  • 10. Books On Tape

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