Antichrist Siege Machine Vengeance Of Eternal Fire

Release date:
April 19, 2024
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As the mighty Evil has come to man, so has Antichrist Siege Machine, summoning the darkness with their third album Vengeance Of Eternal Fire. Expanding upon the latent evil in their hearts and inspired by the prophecies of Old, the band casts their lot with the demons of Hell. Each track here bears the banner of violence and chaos, furthering the duo's commitment to utter brutality. Antichrist Siege Machine have solidified support within the underground and, after a highly successful touring cycle in support of their previous album Purifying Blade, will focus on live assaults in support of Vengeance Of Eternal Fire. This follows their many sold-out shows in the US and Europe, including multiple fest appearances (MDF, Psycho Las Vegas, NWTF, Mass Destruction, Destroying Texas, to name some), and several dates as direct support to Emperor, and US tour runs with Demilich and Miasmatic Necrosis. Also part of the Purifying Blade campaign, the band conquered Europe on tour with Full Of Hell and labelmates Spirit Possession.

  • 1. Son of Man
  • 2. Only Evil
  • 3. Piled Swine
  • 4. Sisera
  • 5. Cowering Lamb
  • 6. Prey Upon Them
  • 7. Vanquishing Spirit
  • 8. Scalding Enmity
  • 9. Lysergic War Psychosis
  • 10. Abyssal Hate

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