Zrl Our Savings

Release date:
August 13, 2021
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"Our Savings, the first LP from Chicago trio ZRL, brings together classical frameworks and sonic explorations, sliding from acoustic ambience to cacophonous clatter to quietly virtuosic displays of musical invention. ZRL recorded the album during a residency at Edgar Miller's Glasner Studio in Chicago. Like Miller, ZRL works without sketches, synthesizing a broad array of creative lineages and approaches. Together, the trio's instruments wash, crash, sprint, glide and divide, darting around and between each other, like they're playing hide-and-seek. Between ""Daylight Savings' and ""Remarkable Savings,"" Good moves between soft drones and piercing, frenetic octaval hurdles, recalling ice cream trucks and baseball cards in bicycle spokes. Meanwhile, 'Our Savings' conjures Arthur Russell's Tower of Meaning presented by an outer space ensemble; as Packard's electronics collide with his bandmates' chordal drones, Kohl's bowing quickens and disintegrates, like a rocket on reentry." "1. Daylight Savings 2. Remarkable Savings 3. Our Savings 4. Hardly Slept 5. ATM 6. Butterish 7. Recent Ornithology 8. Telling The Difference Between Us"

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