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Zoe Polanski - Violent Flowers

Zoe Polanski

Violent Flowers

Release date: July 31, 2020
New York-based record label Youngbloods presents "Violent Flowers", a glistening collection of Experimental Dream Pop from Israeli singer, songwriter, and film composer Zoe Polanski, written in collaboration with renowned Tel Aviv producer Aviad Zinemanas. In it's totality, "Violent Flowers" finds a serene intersection between ethereal sensibilities and cinematic story telling, calling on Polanski's experience as a film composer to weave dynamic ruminative stories of lost love and hopeful day dreams. Using her tranquilizing voice as a guide across vibrant circular rhythms and shimmering Shoegaze guitar melodies, each song opens a door inward worthy of vivid exploration. Polanski finds adventure in her experimentations, and hopes that the tonal vulnerability of "Violent Flowers" invites others to join her in casting lights across the geography of her memories and ideas. With a keen ear and open heart, they too will find pleasure in the various shadows and shapes they make.
  • 1. Violent Flowers
  • 2. Pharaoh's Island
  • 3. Ya'ar Bein Olamot (Forest Between Worlds)
  • 4. Closer
  • 5. Humboldt Current
  • 6. Apple Hill
  • 7. Slopes
  • 8. The Willows
  • 9. Bubbles
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31 July 2020 / More records