Zisl Slepovitch Ensemble & Sasha Lurje Shotns - Shadows: Songs From Testimonies In The Fortunoff Video Archive, Vol 3

Release date:
January 26, 2024
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“Shotns - Shadows: Songs from Testimonies, Volume 3” - is the latest addition (2024) to the Fortunoff Video Archive’s Songs from Testimonies project., brought by the Zisl Slepovitch Ensemble featuring Sasha Lurje. The project brings to life painful memories of surviving the genocide, and memory of those who did not make it, but first and foremost these are the stories of these people’s lives. Volume 3 stays as linguistically and musically diverse as the previous two albums. Songs in Greek, Ladino, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Czech; music from concentration camps and ghettos of Vilna, Warsaw, and Lodz; music of cabaret and theatre from across the globe— adapted to tell the stories of suffering and betrayal, hope and loss. 1. Szydlowiec Nign I 2. Loy Luni 3. Bin Ikh Mit Dir Broygez 4. Der Hoyfzinger 5. Muestra Tierra 6. Yinete Prosklitiryo Ke Stavrou Voutira 7. Di Bone 8. Efsher Hot Ir Finef Sent 9. Shotns 10. Geto Getunyu 11. Zog Shoyn Lekho Doydi 12. Pochod Neutralu 13. Szydlowiec Nign II 14. Szydlowiec Nign I 15. Loy Luni 16. Bin Ikh Mit Dir Broygez 17. Der Hoyfzinger 18. Muestra Tierra 19. Yinete Prosklitiryo Ke Stavrou Voutira 20. Di Bone 21. Efsher Hot Ir Finef Sent 22. Shotns 23. Geto Getunyu 24. Zog Shoyn Lekho Doydi 25. Pochod Neutralu 26. Szydlowiec Nign II 27. Szydlowiec Nign III

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