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Yung Lean -Stranger

Yung Lean

Stranger (2xLP)

Release date: March 15, 2019
Label: Year0001
Format: Double Vinyl
Double black and red colored vinyl LP pressing. Stranger is the 2017 chapter in the forever unpredictable saga of Swedish innovator Yung Lean. Stranger further charts Yung Lean's evolution from polarizing viral sensation to pioneering mainstay in modern hip-hop and electronic music. Stranger is a perfectly apt title for Yung Lean, who at just 17 years old was thrust into the limelight along with friends and collaborators GUD and Yung Sherman, through their early tracks and self-made YouTube videos. A misfit from Stockholm who overnight became a worldwide phenomenon, Yung Lean has outgrown his post-internet novelty beginnings to become a D.I.Y icon with an extensive, organic influence over modern culture.
  • 1.Muddy Sea
  • 2.Red Bottom Sky
  • 3.Skimask
  • 4.Silver Arrows
  • 5.Metallic Intuition
  • 6.Push / Lost Weekend
  • 7.Salute / Pacman
  • 8.Drop It / Scooter
  • 9.Hunting My Own Skin
  • 10.Iceman
  • 11.Snakeskin / Bullets
  • 12.Fallen Demon
  • 13.Agony
  • 14.Yellowman
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15 March 2019 / More records