Your Old Droog The Yodfather / The Shining

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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Your Old Droog recently delivered one of the most impressive runs hip-hop has ever seen, releasing seven expertly crafted, thematically distinct projects over a span of only thirteen months. Now, the final two albums in this historic creative flurry are available in physical form for the first time ever, with this unique joint release of "The Yodfather" and "The Shining". With both collections inspired by classic films, this physical release is being presented as a "double feature" in the style of vintage movie screenings, with "The Yodfather" on the front cover and "The Shining" on the back. Originally released only on digital outlets, these deeply cinematic collections strike a perfect balance of soulful and sinister, with beats supplied by the likes of Madlib, SadhuGold, Fortes, Wino Willy, and more. While Droog's mind-bending wordplay takes center stage, the set also features appearances by Che Noir, Tha God Fahim, and Rockness Monsta, along with the unreleased bonus track "North Face With The ACGs".

  • 1. WW3 Freestyle
  • 2. Tony Touch Freestyle
  • 3. David Bowie Freestyle
  • 4. Francis Ford Coppola
  • 5. Droogie-La
  • 6. Zubin Mehta / Munchos Freestyle
  • 7. 90 from the Line PT III
  • 8. North Face with the Acgs
  • 9. Fresh Direct
  • 10. Brinks Truck
  • 11. We on the Tarmac
  • 12. Room 237 (Feat. Che Noir)
  • 13. Red Rum (Feat. Rockness Monsta and Tha God Fahim)
  • 14. Here's Johnny
  • 15. The Hedge Maze

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