Yogi & Woof Let Tha Dopeness Begin

Release date:
August 16, 2024
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Yogisoul returns with his first album in 8 years, a timeless throwback offering & an instant classic that will leave you wondering if you somehow missed this record reminiscent of 90's West Coast Rap. It's that blunt rolling record, with deep G-Funk grooves, skits, and raps provided by US-based rapper Woof. A record inspired by the albums Yogisoul grew up listening to. A combination of his imagination of the West Coast California landscape portrayed by 90's records on Death Row Records, and the real-life experiences of California-based rapper, Woof. The first track they worked on - "94 Heavy - wastes no time setting a vibe and transporting you back to 1994. It's an undeniable head nodder, with smooth horns & deep synth bass that will leave no question about the record's low-end power, and a dope drum swing.Other notable tracks on the record are "Comin Thru", which is a braggadocious, G-Funk, banger! It contains all the ingredients to classic West Coast Rap albums. A smooth beat for Woof to weave in and out of, talkbox, scratches in the hook, and samples of legendary Los Angeles voices. A track that will make you feel like you should have a forty and a doobie nearby. The title track, "Let the Dopeness Begin", the self-titled track on the album is an homage to the West Coast Classics radio station on GTA: San Andreas. A cruise with the windows down & a jam that slaps!

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. 94' Heavy
  • 3. Hop
  • 4. Comin' Thru
  • 5. Who Got Tha Bomb
  • 6. Don't U Wanna
  • 7. Let Tha Dopeness Begin
  • 8. Lay N Smoke
  • 9. On Tha Daily
  • 10. Yogi's Groove

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