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Yndi - Noir Bresil


Noir Bresil

Release date: July 02, 2021
Label: Nascimento
'Noir Brsil' is the debut album from Franco-Brazilian artist, composer and producer Yndi. Formerly known as Dream Koala, she decided to retire the moniker back in 2017 and began writing what ultimately became 'Noir Brsil', a modern pop album where afro-Brazilian percussion meets French and Portuguese poetry to create an immersive soundscape. As Dream Koala, Yndi released EPs Odyssey (2013,) Earth. Home. Destroyed. (2014,) and Exodus (2015,) as well as popular single "We Can't Be Friends", gaining her international success and garnering multi-millions of streams across platforms. The title track "Noir Brsil" is a poem for her ancestors. Yndi wrote "Amazona" on an atabaque (Afro-Brazilian percussion) rhythm inspired by the myth of the Amazons, warrior women, and Douanier Rousseau's painting La Guerre. The violence of the lyrics contrasts with the melancholic harmonies. The song pays tribute to the anger and strength required by women to live in the contemporary world. The song "Novo Mundo" and its animated video directed by Nina-Lou Giachettia are a reflection of Brazil, through luminous and colorful landscapes. Here the evocation of the divine, the beauty and the violence of nature reflects perfectly the essence of Yndi's debut album.
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02 July 2021 / More records