Yardboss No Casket 1993

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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In the heart of Dayton, Ohio's thriving music scene emerges Yardboss,, a band that defies conventions and unleashes an audacious sonic onslaught like no other before them. Yardboss, a punk rock powerhouse, has become synonymous with their recklessly intense sound, being likened to bath salts on steroids. With a raw energy that borders on chaos, Yardboss has carved out a unique niche with their debut LP. Formed in the gritty streets of Dayton, No Casket 1993 was born out of a shared passion for unadulterated expression. The record doesn't merely reverberate through speakers; it detonates like an explosive, capturing the primal essence of its punk rock craziness at the core. Characterized by breakneck tempos, distortion that screams a triple guitar onslaught and a relentless rhythm section that propels their sonic assault forward, Yardboss' signature sound is a ferocious algamation of punk, noise and manic frenzy. Featuring members of The Raging Nathans, Astrofang and Nightbeast.

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