Yann Tiersen - Hent

Yann Tiersen


Release date: November 09, 2018
Label: Mute
Following the release of his ninth studio album (and his first solo piano album!), EUSA, Yann Tiersen returns with a new release entitled Hent. EUSA was an album inspired by and dedicated to Ushant, an island 30 kilometres off the west coast of Brittany in the Celtic Sea, where Yann lives. The collection of ten solo piano pieces formed a musical map; each of the ten pieces was created in and named after a specific location on the island. Tiersen electronically manipulated original field recordings of the natural sounds of each location on the island to create a subtle drone, then went to Abbey Road and recorded the solo piano. Location has always been important to everything Yann Tiersen creates, and here he takes the element of location and his connection with the land still further. Tracks are divided by improvisations – all entitled “Hent”, which translates into English as “path” - leading the listener across the island from one location to another. Now, this new release, Hent, melds each of these improvisations together, creating something more beautiful and meditative than the sum of its parts. A must have for Yann enthusiasts and anyone interested in improvisational classical music.

  • 1. Hent
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09 November 2018 / More records

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