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July 28, 2023
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A Japanese jazz big band spiritual work created magically by New Herd and genius Masahiko Sato (arrangement/composition/el-p). Half a century later, the heavy and violent sound of the ominously woven music will be released again in the Reiwa era! ! (Koki Hanawa)In the 1990s, Japanese jazz gradually gained attention from enthusiasts. Around 2005, the coined word 'Japanese jazz' was coined, and Japanese jazz became a bit of a boom. In 2009, the release of the 'Wa Jazz Disc Guide (Koki Hanawa + Yusuke Ogawa)' became a big movement, and even now in 2023, when the Heisei era has changed to the Reiwa era, record collectors around the world continues to receive attention from Nearly 30 years after the wave of re-evaluation, Japanese jazz has become completely established as one of the subdivided music genres. The reason why it didn't end as a transient boom is that the more you dig into it, the more you recognize it's passionate musicality and the rarity of the original record. This series is a plan to enjoy such enchanting and magical Japanese jazz with original board specification artwork + high sound quality board. Into the swamp of further Japanese jazz! Supervisor: Koji Hanawa (JUDGMENT! RECORDS)TracklistSide A01. IchiSide B01. Ni02. San

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