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Xasthur Rehearsals 1997-1999

Release date:
June 23, 2023
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LP (black vinyl), padded inner sleeve, poster and protection sleeve. With the first couple of rehearsals from '97 lost or stolen, there were a few between '97 and '99 that were saved and compiled. By 2013, Scott created a CDR containing those rehearsal tracks - reported as 200 copies having been created, however less than 100 were ever made available. With Scott on guitar and/ or drums, and aided by nameless musicians directed by Scott, the rehearsals were recorded on a cassette walkman at his home. The outcome of these recordings are very raw, dirty, lo-fi, live demo tracks, mostly instrumentals, with tracks 5 and 6 featuring vocals [by an anonymous helper]. All potential band members were soon dismissed. Today, Scott and Prophecy Productions unleash this excavated artifact. Ten tracks, long buried, from the original 2013 CDR, for the diehard extremist.

  • 1. Untitled 1
  • 2. Untitled 2
  • 3. Untitled 3
  • 4. Untitled 4
  • 5. Untitled 5
  • 6. Untitled 6
  • 7. Untitled 7
  • 8. Untitled 8
  • 9. Untitled 9
  • 10. Untitled 10

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