Wume - Towards The Shadow


Towards The Shadow

Towards the Shadow, the third full-length from Wume, the Baltimore duo of April Camlin (drums, vocals) and Albert Schatz (keyboards, electronics), offers eight exploratory, polyrhythmic jams taking the listener on an excursion deep into inner space. It announces a new phase for the band, distilling such influences as Francis Bebey, Midori Takada, Erkin Koray, and Alice Coltrane. However, Wume's sound remains rooted in crisp percussion worthy of comparison to Can, wedded to harmonic synths and kaleidoscopic textures. Towards the Shadow also centralizes vocals more than any prior Wume outing. Camlin's lyrics grapple head-on with deep philosophical issues probed during an intense period of reading, self-teaching, and focus on her artistic practice in weaving. Hailing from the highly varied Baltimore music scene that includes such artists as Dan Deacon, Horse Lords, and Chiffon, Towards the Shadow offers one of this community's most exciting and essential documents yet.

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09 November 2018 / More records