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Wreck & Reference - Absolute Still Life

Wreck & Reference

Absolute Still Life

Release date: July 19, 2019
Label: Flenser
Vinyl LP pressing. Absolute Still Life is the fourth full-length album by the experimental duo Wreck And Reference. The album marks a radical departure from the band's heavy and noise rock origins and finds them driving toward a more electronic and abstract dimension. Like past albums, warped synthesizers and pillaged samples build up the harmonic elements of the songs, but the absence of acoustic drums gives this release a colder, more alien aesthetic. With fewer screams and stranger textures than before, the band find themselves alone again in uncharted and uncategorizable territory.
  • 1. A Mirror
  • 2. Sturdy Dawn
  • 3. Eris Came to Me at Night
  • 4. Stubborn Lake
  • 5. What Goes in and Comes Out
  • 6. What Is a Gift
  • 7. In Uniform
  • 8. Dumb Forest
  • 9. Amends
  • 10. Irony of Being Something
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19 July 2019 / More records