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Wordcolour - The Trees Were Buzzing, And The Grass. (Clear)


The Trees Were Buzzing, And The Grass. (Clear)

Release date: July 15, 2022
Label: Houndstooth
The trees were buzzing, and the grass.' is described as an album of collaboration with contributions from percussionist Michael Anklin, voice artist Natasha Lohan and performance artist Es Morgan as well as vocal appearances from friends. From the moment you press play, Wordcolour immerses you in his world, enveloped by the sound of rustling leaves, footsteps, gong-like synths and ghostlike, sometimes haunting, vocals. As you listen through, you will find the signature twinkling, magical style of Wordcolour, as it twists and turns through ambient and IDM. 'In one sense the album is quite cinematic. Not in the sense that it is big or epic, but in the way it is structured. At times the music literally cuts like a camera - moving the listener from one acoustic environment to another. It indulges a fascination with the hyper-real world of Foley and film sound effects, natural ambiences, and Spielbergian film music (loom) Blossom Cloud Room Duet I am sixty years old and trying salvia for the very first time Babble Crescent people can you hear me? Nonet (drift)
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15 July 2022 / More records