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Will Sessions - Electromagnetic Reality

Will Sessions

Electromagnetic Reality

Release date: August 12, 2022
Label: Will Sessions
Will Sessions steps into the next phase of their sonic vision and invites you into their Electromagnetic Reality. The new 11-track LP of original compositions explores a new direction that pulls influences from an array of styles, highlighted throughout the 15 year discography from the Detroit-based ensemble. Jazz, hip-hop, and Soul swirl through the lens of producer and co-founder Sam Beaubien, capturing the spirit of live performance while utilizing the unique subtleties and styles of beat making. Other founding members Bryan Arnold (drums), Ryan Gimpert (guitar), and Tim Shellabarger (bass) welcome special guest musicians Ian Finkelstein (keys), Marcus Elliot (Saxophone), and Quentin Joseph (drums) to create a sound-scape that pushes and blurs the boundaries and musical concepts that Will Sessions has become known for. From the opening track "Lil Picasso," the listener is transported to a futuristic nostalgia, and is taken on a journey through instrumental expression, depicting a world full of unlimited textures and endless possibilities. Moving through tracks like "Seagulls" and "Out Done," the group shows their strengths in thematic hip-hop, while "Phase Shift" gives the band freedom to explore their jazz roots. "Wave Sequence" pulls the sound into an experimental realm using electronic influences, while the juxtaposed "Rain Come Down" pulls you right back into a soulful and familiar memory. "Coffee Cup" and "Eclipsed" throw all influences to the canvas and "Planet Jumper" finishes the journey with hopeful curiosity of what the future has to offer. Will Sessions has put together this fabric of sounds using threads and influences from all over the musical spectrum, setting their creative compass to their new Electromagnetic Reality.
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