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Wild Belle - Everybody One Of A Kind

Wild Belle

Everybody One Of A Kind

Release date: April 19, 2019
Everybody One of a Kind is the bold new record from Wild Belle. It's a freaked-out sonic collage of all the things that brought us into their universe: The breezy reggae feelings on Isles, the darker edges of Dreamland, and a vibrant new energy that marries past and future. The album bends genres and busts stylistic boundaries. Dub Reggae, Soul, R&B and Pop are all fair game, as the band lovingly explores this fertile ground. The message that runs through the songs is clear: we're all "freaks," we all need love, and we've got work to do. As Natalie boldly proclaims in the rallying cry of "We Are The Future," "This is a revolution."
  • 1. Rocksteady
  • 2. Mockingbird
  • 3. Everybody One of a Kind
  • 4. Tumbleweed
  • 5. Have You Both
  • 6. Ferrari
  • 7. Let the Bells Ring
  • 8. We Are the Future
  • 9. It's Not Time for Your Funeral
  • 10. If I Should Lose My Mind
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19 April 2019 / More records