Wigbert Distorted Matter

Release date:
June 25, 2021
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Stepping up for his first full-length, Wigbert demonstrates why he's a firm favorite among so many. The 'Distorted Matter' LP showcases his affinity for both atmospheric mood pieces and pummeling club cuts, the sign of a producer with more than one trick up his sleeve. 'Uncertainty' opens the album in an ominous tone. As its name suggests, it creates a feeling of unease, even horror, as macabre drones blare underneath bleepy arpeggios. Later on the LP, on 'Error 404', this mood is revisited, with bleeps and static signifying that something has gone awry. The second track on the record, 'Reflection' is its hardest hitting. Ice-cold stabs, a pumping kick and driving rhythms send the track into overdrive before creepy arps and drums come back in. It's complex, layered and unrelenting.

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