What Goes Up Laws Of Gravity

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Introducing What Goes Up, the sensational pop punk band from Tokyo, Japan, ready to shake things up with their debut LP Laws of Gravity. The album is a high-energy explosion of infectious melodies, dual male/female vocals, heartfelt lyrics and adrenaline-fueled punk anthems. The bands tight musicianship and electrifying performances makes every song an experience. With an unyielding passion for their craft, What Goes Up delivers a sound that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of both punk and pop punk. The Lp showcases their remarkable songwriting abilities as they effortlessly blend catchy melodies and punchy guitar riffs with introspective and relatable lyrics delving into themes of love, loss, self-discovery and the struggles of every day life. The bands authenticity shines through in their heartfelt delivery, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level. Whether you a re a die hard fan of Japanese pop punk or simply looking for a new album that will reignite your passion for music, this release promises delivery on either end.

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