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Wednesday 13 -The Dixie Dead

Wednesday 13

The Dixie Dead

Release date: June 14, 2019
Format: Colored Vinyl
Fifth horror punk manifesto The Dixie Dead is certainly not stingy when it comes to good old-fashioned ghost stories: this time the maestro used celluloid classics such as „Poltergeist“ and „Hands of the Ripper“ for inspiration. Massive metal riffs and industrial undertones deliver the eerie soundtrack for those grim tales.
  • 1.Death Arise (Intro)
  • 2.Blood Sucker
  • 3.Get Your Grave On
  • 4.Curse the Living
  • 5.Too Fast for Blood
  • 6.Hail Ming
  • 7.Coming Attractions
  • 8.The Dixie Dead
  • 9.Ghost Stories
  • 10.Fuck You (In Memory Of...)
  • 11.Carol Anne...They're Here
  • 12.Hands of the Ripper
  • 13.Death Arise (Overture)
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14 June 2019 / More records