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Wednesday 13 -Skeletons

Wednesday 13


Release date: June 14, 2019
Format: Colored Vinyl
Horror nut Wednesday 13 counts Alice Cooper and KISS amongst his biggest influences and stirred up a classy American horror punk cocktail with his third longplayer Skeletons in 2008. A wild and dirty ride that features a plethora of metal moments – quite the evolution from its predecessor Fang Bang.
  • 1.Scream Baby Scream
  • 2.Not Another Teenage Anthem
  • 3.Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
  • 4.From Here to the Hearse
  • 5.Put Your Death Mask On
  • 6.Skeletons
  • 7.My Demise
  • 8.With Friends Like These...
  • 9.No Rabbit in the Hat
  • 10.All American Massacre
  • 11.Dead Carolina
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14 June 2019 / More records