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Wand - Spiders In The Rain


Spiders In The Rain (2xLP)

Release date: October 28, 2022
Label: Drag City
Wand take it to the stage, to employ that sciency ol' adage: energy massed quantifies in energy released. It's all on Einstein's blackboard, check there if you don't believe us. With this formula in mind, Wand ride nine of their favorite live warhorses out in front of wholesome pre-pan fans, friends and other kinds of Californians, where the collective energies are tapped to flush even more 'all' out of their encompassing compositions. If and when you think that the all-live Spiders in the Rain is Wand's best batch yet, that's when you know: it's better when everybody's here! 1. Hare 2. Wonder 3. Plum 4. White Cat 5. Evening Star 6. Blue Cloud 7. The Gift 8. Self-Hypnosis 9. Melted Rope
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