Waga Yoki Tomoyo (My Good Friend): Takuro Yoshida Waga Yoki Tomoyo My Good Friend Takuro Yoshida Works Various

Release date:
October 27, 2023
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A collection of works by Takuro Yoshida, who announced his retirement in 2022 last year.The CD released in 1994 consists of originals such as Mops 'It's always raining when I get there', Saori Yuki 'Roomlight', as well as covers such as 'Summer Vacation' Kaori Sakagami, 'The Beatles taught me' The Bat Boys. It contains 16 songs, but as a bonus track, 'Campari Soda and French Fries' (lyrics and music by Takuro Yoshida) from Saori Yuki's cover album 'Singer & Songwriter wo Uta' released in 2017 is added as a bonus track! Released with 17 songs in total!

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