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Vulcano - Stone (Orange)


Stone (Orange)

Release date: December 30, 2022
FOR FANS OF: NIFELHEIM, SARCOFAGO, BULLDOZER & MYSTIFIER.In "Stone Orange", Vulcano revisits their four-decade dedication to Metal. The thrash, speed & old-school black metal fusion flow perfectly and naturally throughout therecord, guaranteed to give the listener involuntary headbanging movements.Rhythm sections and pace sometimes complex, sometimes subtle, show evidence of Vulcano's very own style. On one hand sheer intensity, speed, and cruelty; on the otherhand, complexity, feeling, and even some flirting with ingenuity - and above all, a great sense of honesty in all they do. When the rhythm sections need to get trampled, theBrazilian five-piece isn't afraid to do it -and this is perhaps one of the features of the 80's composition freedom that most remain in Vulcano's essence.Produced by Zhema and Ivan Pellicciotti at O Beco Estúdios and mastered by Marco Angioni at Angioni Studios, "Stone Orange" is a trip to different rhythms, one of Vulcano'strademarks, moving freely between traditional heavy metal and the most extreme death/black metal, working amazingly well.
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