Vodka Collins Tokyo New York

Release date:
December 22, 2023
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The second in a series looking back on hidden masterpieces of Toshiba EMI using analog records. This time, we have released 5 titles that have rock-like elements! Alan Merrill, whose mother is world-renowned jazz singer Helen Merrill, and who is famous as the author of the No. 1 hit song in the U.S., 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll,' and GS's popular rough-and-tumble band, the Tempters. A work released in 1973 by Vodka Collins, a band formed in Japan by Hiroshi Oguchi, who invited Take (Yokouchi Take), who later formed TENSAW, to form in Japan.Their extremely short career, which disappeared after releasing just one album, turned into a glittering legend, etched in the history of Japan's early rock era. One of the masterpieces that shines brightly in Japanese rock history.As the landmark reputation of 'Japan's first glam rock' indicates, it gives off a strong 70's glam rock flavor with a feel similar to David Bowie and the New York Dolls, but the overall feel is moderately strong. Simple and pop rock'n'roll. There is a good balance and variety, such as the typical glam M-1 and M-5, the tight and fast-paced M-2, and the folky flavor of the M-7.Alan's voice doesn't have the metallic glam rock feel to it, but rather a masculine, soulful singing voice that makes his fluent Japanese vocals sound effortless.The tempo between the songs emphasizes the live feel, and the 28 minutes in total run through them all at once. Perhaps this sense was too early at the time, and the band's lifespan was short-lived, but even after half a century has passed, the band's light and airy coolness has not faded at all.Original release: 1973Track list:01. AUTOMATIC PILOT02. BILLY MARS03. TERMINAL CITY04. SANDS OF TIME05. PONTIAC PAN06. DIAMOND TO DUNGAREES07. MONITOR08. VACUUM GIRL09. SCRATCHIN'

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