Vnv Nation Electric Sun

Release date:
June 9, 2023
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Introducing Electric Sun - the latest album from VNV Nation, which represents a new chapter in their musical journey. The creation of this album was a unique experience for the band, as it was born out of a time of change, reflection, and growth. The band spent much of 2019 building a new studio, which proved to be a frustratingly slow process. However, this gave them the opportunity to focus on everything close to home and make some positive changes to the label and how they work. During this time, the band also collected ideas for new songs, melodies, and designs that they later incorporated into the album. When the time was right, VNV Nation sat down to create Electric Sun, which represents a departure from their previous work. The album is more emotive than usual, at times reaching an intensity that the band has not explored before. It is a product of change and reflection, love, loss, toil, not-toil, learning, and a pinch of soul-searching. The album explores the themes of what is truly important in life and how superficial everything else can be. From the title track Electric Sun to songs like Prophet, Run, Sunflare, and At Horizon's End, this album takes listeners on a cinematic journey. The band has created a truly unique and powerful listening experience, with each song bringing something different to the table. Whether you want to dance, think, or be moved emotionally, Electric Sun has something for everyone. VNV Nation describes this album as a vessel for creativity, allowing them to explore and reach new levels in the kind of music they make. It represents a revelation and an epiphany, with the band expressing things in ways they never have before. Overall, Electric Sun is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates deep, emotive, and powerful music.

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