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Vivian Girls -Everything Goes Wrong

Vivian Girls

Everything Goes Wrong

Release date: September 20, 2019
Swirling noise Brooklynites, Vivian Girls released their sophomore album, Everything Goes Wrong, almost exactly one year after their self-titled debut Everything Goes Wrong is longer than the 22 mins their debut clocked in at, with the band having taken their time and recorded it in six days - rather than the three their debut took -- though many of the songs were still recorded in single takes. Whilst Vivian Girls once again captured their raw, fun edge - as the influence of ’60s girl groups, The Ramones as well as surf and indie pop, still ring true, Everything Goes Wrong is without a doubt a darker, moodier album than its predecessor.
  • 1.Walking Alone At Night
  • 2.I Have No Fun
  • 3.Can't Get Over You
  • 4.The Desert
  • 5.Tension
  • 6.Survival
  • 7.The End
  • 8.When I'm Gone
  • 9.Out For The Sun
  • 10.I'm Not Asleep
  • 11.Double Vision
  • 12.You're My Guy
  • 13.Before I Start To Cry
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20 September 2019 / More records