Vince Maloy Flying High With Vince Maloy: The Complete Recordings

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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-Vince Maloy? Heard of him? No? Well good. Because here comes the ultimate vinyl compilation on Bear Family Records® from the guy that plays brutally badass rockabilly! -Vince Maloy has only recorded 6 singles in his lifetime for 6 labels, including a super-rare single for Web Records. -Our LP includes everything there is by this rocker. Vince Maloy? How wild can it get? You think releasing Bill Carter stuff was risky and obscure? (Bill's 10 has long sold out.) Let me tell you something, buddy! This is tuff stuff, indeed. Bear Family Records® comes up with Vince Maloy's complete recorded output - six singles on six different labels. And - shortly before the production deadline, an excellent copy of Maloy's Web release WEB 1109 Wine Bop Bop / Honey Baby appeared seemingly out of nowhere (OK, after a long and tedious search undertaken by Nico Feuerbach) - when all hope already seemed in vain. You have to remember: WEB 1109 Wine Bop Bop / Honey Baby is as scarce as rockabilly 45s get. You have to remember: WEB 1109 Wine Bop Bop / Honey Baby is an extremely rare and rocking rockabilly record but was lousily recorded, mastered, and pressed way back when. Think of Paramount pre-war blues 78 quality. But what the heck - as long as it rocks! And it's a rocking mother... Some of the stuff sounds like Vince had constructed his own Karaokebilly-Machine and sang along from the outhouse. THIS IS WILD! But best of all - and sometimes it does not get any better: Most known copies have a pressing fault - a skip! But behold: Bear Family's copy is as clean as Granny's Sunday undies and plays without skipping. So - the release of 'Vince Maloy: Flying High With Vince Maloy - The Complete Recordings' (BAF14035) is just for you! It combines all of Vince Maloy's disguised reworkings of Drinkin' Wine Spo-De-O-Dee, his Felsted dragster classic, and - once again the best available copy of WEB 1109 Wine Bop Bop / Honey Baby - all remastered for your rockinest pleasure!

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